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The Mailing List

As a starting point this is the mailing list for "The New Acoustic Movement", who are a group of people working together to create a buzz and to promote acoustic music/singer-songwriters. But that's not important.

What we really want is a lively discussion based around the type of music featured on the Folk Corporation and NetRythyms web sites and from there expand into any interesting topic. The is not real "Off Topic". Just remember you are talking to people whose main common interest is music.

The FAQ:

The written rules:
1) This is the OFF-TOPIC mailing list. Expect lots of stuff.
2) Avoid stuff that is already covered by other mailing lists (i.e. Fairport, RT).
3) The methods of subscribing and un-subscribing are dead clever, if slow. Requests in almost any format should be spotted, if sent to

The unwritten rules:
These will be enforced arbitrarily.
A few clues : We will frown on obsequiousness and bastards in general. Digests are for wimps.
"Me too's" - no. Binaries or HTML - no. Quoting more than you reply - no

Other email lists are available -No purchase necessary -Flame retardant

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